Coronavirus & Vitamins - Are they connected?

Does a vitamin deficiency leave you more at risk to COVID?

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24 Hour Prescription Collection Is HERE | Check it out in Solihull

To make our patients’ lives easier, we have installed a new 24-hour prescription collection point in Solihull

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Brands vs Generics. Is branded medication always the best?

Does the brand name make a tablet more effective?

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Healthspan Zinc with Vitamin C 360 Tablets

Supports overall wellbeing and immunity

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Healthmarque D3 2000IU Vitamins 90 Tablets

Helps immune system, bones and teeth

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Solgar Ester-C Plus Vitamin C 1000 mg Capsules 90

Specially formulated vitamin C to be gentle on the stomach and easily absorbed to help improve your immune support.

£34.25 £27.23
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Emergen C Orange Sachets 8

Provides everyday nutritional support

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Solgar L-Lysine 1000 mg Free Form Tablets 50

L-Lysine an essential amino acid, not produced by the body used for additional seasonal support.

£10.50 £6.75
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Valupak Chewable Vitamin C 80mg Tablets 60

Significant role in the function and strengthening of the immune system.

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