24 Hour Prescription Collection Is HERE | Check it out in Solihull

To make our patients’ lives easier, we have installed a new 24-hour prescription collection point in Solihull

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Brands vs Generics. Is branded medication always the best?

Does the brand name make a tablet more effective?

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Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill Without The Hassle Of The GP

Lovima puts you in charge with easy access to contraception

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Centrum Kids Chewable Tablet 30

A chewy tablet with all the nutrients for your children.

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Abidec Multi Vitamin Drops for Babies & Children 25ml

Rich in 7 essential vitamins

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Abidec Advanced Multi Vitamin Syrup Plus Omega 6 & 9 150ml

Raspberry flavoured balanced blend of 12 essential vitamins

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Bassetts 3 to 6 Multivitamin and Omega - 3 Blackcurrant and Apple

Multivitamins and omega - 3 with B5 to support mental performance.

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Bassetts 3 to 6 Multivitamin Strawberry

Multivitamins with vitamin A for vision and skin and vitamin D for bones.

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Bassetts 7 to 11 Multivitamins Raspberry (30)

Multivitamins with B2,B6 and B12 to help release energy.

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Wellkid Immune Chewable Tablets

Help safeguard your child's nutritional intake with 24 nutrients in one place

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Valupak Children's Chocolate Flavoured Multi Vitamin One Daily Tablet 30

Teddy Bear Shaped Daily Tablet

£2.49 £1.99
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