Self-Test Menopause Test

Self-Test Menopause Test

Simple and reliable test to monitor if you have reached the post menopause stage More Details
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Some are lucky and sail through effortlessly, painlessly and without any debilitating symptoms, but there are many women who have a plethora of worrisome, irritating and debilitating symptoms like hot flushes, sudden vaginal dryness, sleeplessness, depression, mood swings and very irregular periods. While menopause cannot be defined by a single simple test, the SELFCheck Menopause self-test kit measures hormonal imbalance which is the most important indicator of menopause, by measuring your Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) levels.

A constant high level of FSH - as high as 25mU/ml may indicate that your ovaries are not working and consequently no egg production is happening. With high FSH and menopausal symptoms, medical guidance can help you know whether you are still fertile or in menopause - each kit contains two tests to test on different occasions.

Menopause is the last menstrual period. Periods stop because the low levels of oestrogen and progesterone do not stimulate the endometrium (lining of the womb) in the normal cycle. Hormone levels can fluctuate for several years before eventually becoming so low that the endometrium stays thin and does not bleed.

SELFCheck Menopause self-test kits can alleviate the worry and tension that normally affect women during their menopausal years, especially those women who display acute symptoms that can disturb daily routine. These kits bring a feeling of being in charge of your health by knowing your FSH levels and seeking medical help to combat any of them successfully.

For best results, the test should be carried out first thing in the morning.

The benefit of carrying out a SELFCheck Menopause self-test in privacy ensures confidentiality as well as providing the necessary incentive needed to take further steps in terms of managing personal health earlier and facilitating consultation with a healthcare professional to enable earlier medical intervention should further action be needed.

The SELFCheck Menopause self-test is easy to use, only requiring a small sample of fresh urine collected in a clean container (free of bleach/disinfectants) to perform the test and a visual result is available in less than 10 minutes.

You should consult your doctor who can confirm the stage of the menopause and advise on how best to manage individual symptoms.

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