MediGenix 10 Second Response Digital Thermometer

MediGenix 10 Second Response Digital Thermometer

10 Second response, waterproof probe, fever alarm, last reading memory and a storage case More Details
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WARNING: Do not use the thermometer in the ear. It is designed for oral, armpit and rectal readings only. Do not place the thermometer battery near extreme heat as it may explode. The battery cap and battery potentially present a fatal choking hazard if swallowed. Do not leave unattended with children. Do not use the thermometer with the probe cover on as it will show inaccurate readings. It is recommended the performance of the thermometer is checked every two years. Remove the battery from the thermometer when not in use for a long period of time. Do not attempt measurement when the thermometer is wet as it may result in inaccurate readings. Do not bite the thermometer as it may result in damage to the thermometer or injury to the user. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the thermometer, doing so may lead to inaccurate readings. Be careful when taking a rectal reading. Do not force the thermometer into the rectum and stop if there is pain. Do not use the thermometer orally after it has been used rectally, without thorough cleaning. Oral readings should not be done on children younger than two years of age. The use of temperature readings for self diagnosis is dangerous. Consult your doctor for the interpretation of results.

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The MediGenix thermometer: 

  • Quick 10 second reading
  • Fever alarm to alert you if the temperature reading is greater than 37.8 °C
  • Last reading memory to quickly compare readings
  • Flexible, waterproof probe to make readings easier
  • Suitable for both children and adults 

How to use the MediGenix Thermometer:

  1. Press the on/off button next to the LCD display screen, a tone will sound and the screen will show a display followed by the last recorded temperature, after showing the self temperature, the thermometer will be in testing mode
  2. If the temperature read is less than 32°C, the LD screen  will display Lo. If the temperature is higher than 42.9°C, the LCD screen will display Hi
  3. Position the thermometer in either the armpit, mouth or rectum.

Oral use: Place the thermometer under the tongue at the back of the mouth. Close the mouth and breathe evenly through the nose to prevent the temperature reading from being affected by the air being inhaled / exhaled. (Normal temperature range with this method is between 35.7°C and 37.3°C)

Armpit use: Wipe the armpit area dry. Place the probe deep in the armpit and keep the arm pressed firmly by the side. This method will always provide a less accurate reading and should not be used if precise readings are required. (Normal temperature range with this method is between 35.27deg;C and 36.7°C)

Rectal use: Lubricate the probe tip with petroleum jelly for easier insertion. Gently insert the probe tip approximately 1cm into the rectum. (Normal temperature range with this method is between 36.3°C and 37.7°C)

  1. The degree sign will flash continuously throughout the testing process. When the flashing stops an alarm will beep for approximately 10 seconds. At the same time the reading will appear on the LCD screen. The minimum measuring time does not change however the measuring can continue after the beep has sounded if the thermometer is left in that place. The displayed temperature will not change when the thermometer is removed from the testing position.
  2. The thermometer will turn off after not being used for 10 minutes, which it should then be cleaned and stored in its protective case. 

 When the alarm reaches 37.8°C or higher a longer beep sound is made to indicate a fever. 

Cleaning and disinfecting: 

  1. Wipe the thermometer using a soft, dry, clean cloth
  2. For any stains use  a clean dampened cloth with water or disinfectant 
  3. To sterilize the probe use cotton wool dampened with medical alcohol  

DO NOT use benzene, thinners, petrol, or any other strong solvents to clean the thermometer. Do not soak the probe in alcohol for long periods of time. Do not attempt to sterilize the thermometer in hot water, or use ultrasonic means to clean the thermometer or put it in the dishwasher. 



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