Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (2 Packs)
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additional image for Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (2 Packs)
additional image for Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (2 Packs)
additional image for Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (2 Packs)
additional image for Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (2 Packs)

Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (2 Packs)

New Bluetooth function with low and high glucose alarms More Details
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Freestyle Libre Sensors automatically measure and continuously record accurate, stable and consistent Flash Glucose Monitoring readings 24 hours a day for 14 days, without the need for finger prick calibration.

  • No blood or lancets
  • 1 second scan
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Night time monitoring without waking
  • Sensor that automatically monitors glucose every 15 minutes – not just one moment in time

The discreet sensor stores up to 8 hours of data meaning a scan is only required every 8 hours to maintain a continuous reading throughout the day. Pre-calibrated at the factory, with minimal sensor-to-sensor variation eliminates the need for any finger prick calibration.

Flash Glucose Monitoring readings measure the glucose in the interstitial fluid (ISF), a thin layer of fluid surrounding cells of tissue below the skin, which is proven to be reliably reflective of the glucose levels in the blood. There is a 5 to 10 minute delay on ISF response to changes in blood glucose.

Now with optional glucose alarms

With glucose alarms, rest assured you’ll know when you’re too high or too low


Receive an alarm when your glucose is too low or too high*


Scan your FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor to see your glucose reading, trend arrow, and 8-hour history


Use the information to take appropriate action as needed

Choosing the Site

It is important to choose the site correctly and apply with care

  • Select an area of skin on the back of the upper arm that generally avoids bending or folding during normal daily activities
  • Moles, scarring or tattoos should all be avoided at a site which is at least 2.5cm away from an insulin injection site
  • Discomfort or skin irritation can be prevented by alternating the site

Applying the Sensor

Browns Pharmacy only provide packs that include a Sensor Pack and Sensor Applicator

  • Prepare the Sensor Applicator by unscrewing the cap, then set the cap aside.
  • Line up the dark mark on the Sensor Applicator with the dark mark on the Sensor Pack
  • On a hard surface, press down firmly on the Sensor Applicator until it comes to a stop. The Sensor Applicator now contains a needle. DO NOT TOUCH THE INSIDE
  • Place the Sensor Applicator over the prepared site (using the alcohol wipe provided) and push down firmly to apply the sensor to your body
  • Gently pull the Sensor Applicator away from your body, and the Sensor should now be attached to your skin
  • Make sure the Sensor is secure after application. Place the cap back on the Sensor Applicator. Discard the used Sensor Pack and Sensor Applicator

Understanding what my readings actually mean

Every scan using the Freestyle Libre Sensor will upload the previous eight hours of data either to the app or the Freestyle Libre Device. This will include;

  • A current glucose level reading providing an up to date reading
  • A trend arrow indicating the direction that your glucose is heading based on previous readings
  • Your blood glucose level reading history allowing you to see how food, activity and insulin affect your glucose levels day and night

Each scan will also provide the following information:

  • Daily patterns – providing information about the variability of glucose levels over multiple days to offer a snapshot of glycaemic control
    • A thick black line will show the average reading
    • The grey shading will show the range of readings (10-90 percentiles)
  • Low glucose events – provides information on any low glucose events or hypoglycaemic attacks you have experienced
    • This is when the reading is below 3.9mmol/L for over 15 minutes
  • Time in target – provides a percentage of time when sensor readings are above, below or within the target range

*Note: If you want to receive glucose alarms on your phone, you must scan the FreeStyle LibreLink app first, not the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader. Once you scan your FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor with your selected device, phone or FreeStyle Libre 2 reader, you can receive alarms only on that device.


Must be used with a Freestyle Libre Reader or Freestyle Libre mobile application


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