Fertility or Ovulation Testing – Which test is best?

Do you know which test is best for you? Check out our guide on a few of our products

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Ovulation - What is it?

Ovulation can be confusing, so we have broken it down for you

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Fertility Facts and Figures

How much do you know about fertility?

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Swim Count Male Fertility Self-Test

Measure your sperm quality with easy to read results in 30 minutes

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Freedom Urine HCG Pregnancy Test Midstream

Easy to read self testing pregnancy test.

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Freedom Pregnancy Test Strips 3

Triple check pregnancy strips.

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Clearblue Advanced Fertility Touch Screen Monitor

Increase chances of pregnancy by 89%

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Clearblue Fertility Monitor Advanced Refill Sticks (24)

20 Fertility Test Sticks & 4 Pregnancy Tests

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Clearblue CONNECTED Digital Ovulation Tests (25)

Bluetooth Connected Ovulation Tests with Tracking App

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Clearblue Trying for a Baby Kit Advanced Digital Ovulation Test & Pregnancy Test (10+1)

Identify 4 or more fertile days per cycle

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Clearblue Trying for a Baby Digital Ovulation Test Sticks (10)

Pinpoints your two most fertile days

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Clearblue Triple-Check Pregnancy Test Combo Pack (3)

Triple-Check from 6 days early

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Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test (2)

Easy to use with results in as fast as 1 minute

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Clearblue Double Check & Date Combo Pack Pregnancy Test (2)

Extra reassurance with a double check & date

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Pregnacare Conception Tablets 30

Promote fertility and reproduction without changing your monthly cycle

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