Stomach and Bowel

Eating Disorder Awareness | Worried About Someone?

Help and support for starting the conversation with some suffering

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Our guide to action if your stools become harder than usual

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Haemorrhoids | Symptoms & Causes

A breakdown of symptoms and causes for piles

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Ovex 100mg Chewable Tablets Family Pack (4)

Treat threadworms quickly with a single dose

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Ovex 100mg/5ml Oral Suspension 30ml

Treat threadworms quickly with a single dose

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Pyrocalm Control 20mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets 14

One tablet provides up to 24 hours of effective relief of heartburn and acid reflux

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Imodium Classic 2mg Capsules

Helps relieve diarrhoea quickly


Imodium IBS Relief Capsules 6

Effectively relieves IBS cramps and associated diarrhoea

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Imodium Instant Melts

On the go relief from diarrhoea

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Imodium Plus Comfort Tablets 6

Relieves diarrhoea, painful cramps, bloating and winds

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Germoloids Cream

Soothes and relieves pain whilst shrinking piles


Germoloids Ointment

Soothes and provides pain relief whilst shrinking piles


Germoloids Suppositories

Shrinks piles and provides pain relief with local anaesthetic


Lactulose Oral Solution 300ml

Helps treat constipation

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Dioralyte Relief Sachets 6

Dioralyte prevents dehydration by replacing lost water, salt and electrolyte content required by the body after diarrhoea