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Sodium bicarbonate 5% ear drops 10ml

Sodium bicarbonate ear drops treat build-up and hardened ear wax by softening it, allowing it to be removed naturally.

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EarCalm (Acetic Acid) 2% spray 5ml

EarCalm contains an antibacterial that treats outer ear bacterial infections.

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Viscotears liquid gel (carbomer) eye drops 10g

Viscotears are for the treatment of dry eyes by lubricating the eyes in place of natural tears.

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Isopto Plain (Hypromellose) 0.5% eye drops, solution 20 ml

Isopto Plain relives dry eyes by lubricating the eyes with artificial tears soothing any uncomfortable symptoms.

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Tears Naturale (Hypromellose, dextran 70) eye drops 15ml

Tears Naturale provide synthetic tears to relieve dry eyes.

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Optrex sore eyes (hamamelis virginiana) eye drops 10 ml

Optrex Sore Eyes helps to ease minor eye irritations by cleansing and hydrating.

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Optrex Soothing Eye Drops for Itchy Eyes 10ml

Optrex Itchy Eyes cleanses the eyes from allergens that cause irritation and scratchy eyes.

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Blephasol Micelle Lotion 100ml

Blephasol Micelle Lotions unique formulation is gentle to the eyes and skin

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Optrex Night Restore (Sodium Hyaluronate) 0.4% gel drops 10ml

Optrex Night Restore helps to soothe dry eyes and restore moisture while you are sleeping.

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