24 Hour Prescription Collection Is HERE | Check it out in Solihull

To make our patients’ lives easier, we have installed a new 24-hour prescription collection point in Solihull

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Brands vs Generics. Is branded medication always the best?

Does the brand name make a tablet more effective?

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Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill Without The Hassle Of The GP

Lovima puts you in charge with easy access to contraception

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Loratadine 10mg Tablets

All-day relief from hay fever and allergies

from £0.99

Chlorphenamine 4mg Tablets

Quick and effective relief from symptoms of hay fever

from £2.99

Allevia Fexofenadine 120mg Tablets

Newly available without a prescription

from £2.99

Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets 120

Homeopathic medicinal product used to relieve symptoms of hayfever and allergic rhinitis

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Cetirizine 10mg Tablets

Cover yourself for the whole of summer with our hayfever bundle

from £0.99

Piriton 4mg Tablets 60

Quick and effective relief from symptoms of hay fever and other allergies

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Clarityn 10mg Tablets

Get 12 packs for the price of 10

from £2.99

Allergy Relief Capsules

Effective management and fast relief from hay fever

from £5.49

Piriteze 10mg Tablets

Piriteze 15% off when you buy 12 month supply

from £6.78

Benadryl Allergy One A Day 10mg Tablets

Available in three pack sizes

from £5.29

Benadryl Allergy Relief Plus Decongestant Capsules 12

Decongestant and antihistamine to double the fight for allergy relief

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Zirtek Allergy Tablets

Relief from hay fever and other allergies

from £4.99