Personal Aids

For some, day-to-day tasks can be awkward and daunting when you aren’t prepared with the right equipment in place for support. With our range of personal care and aid items, you can create a safer and more welcoming environment in your home. Make life easier for those who need assistance. 
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Novo Cup Non-Spill and Straw

Comforting independence for those confined to bed who want to drink without having to be helped

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Tube Squeezer

Easy method to apply pressure on tubes such as toothpaste.

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Urine/Catheter Bag Hanging Holder

Easily clips over a bed frame or rail

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Kettle Tipper

Useful kitchen aid for those with limited dexterity, to assist with lifting a full kettle safely.

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Plastic Multi Bottle and Jar Opener

Ideally suited for users with limited dexterity

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Multi-use Tin Opener

Great kitchen tool for general use to open a multitude of bottles, tins and cans.

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Safe Tipper - Sturdy Kettle Base

Allows the safe and steady pouring of hot liquids without lifting any weight

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Stabliser Base for Kettle Tipper

The base provides additional support and security for tall teapots and electric kettles

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Pair of Large Tap Turners

Make standard kitchen and bathroom taps easier for those with limited hand use

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Jar and Bottle Grip Opener

Ideal for anyone with weakened grip or decreased sensation in their hands

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Foot Cleaner with Pumice

Perfect for limited mobility, enabling users to easily clean their feet without bending

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