24 Hour Prescription Collection Is HERE | Check it out in Solihull

To make our patients’ lives easier, we have installed a new 24-hour prescription collection point in Solihull

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Brands vs Generics. Is branded medication always the best?

Does the brand name make a tablet more effective?

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Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill Without The Hassle Of The GP

Lovima puts you in charge with easy access to contraception

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Pregnancy Test with Timing Indicator

The only test that tells you how many weeks

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Babystart Fertiltime Home Ovulation Tests for Women 5

Identifies the best two days to conceive

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Babystart EcoStrip Early Detection Home Pregnancy Tests 2

Checks for the pregnancy hormone hCG which appears early in the first trimester

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Freedom Urine HCG Pregnancy Test Midstream

Easy to read self testing pregnancy test.

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Freedom Pregnancy Test Strips 3

Triple check pregnancy strips.


Babystart Fertilsafe Fertility Friendly Lubricant

Sperm friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive

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Babystart Fertilcount Male Home Fertility Tests 2

Tests male fertility by using sperm concentration

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Babystart Fertiltests Male & Female Home Fertility Tests

Dual pack for couples to test their fertility potential at home together

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Seven Seas Trying for a Baby 28

Helps regulate hormonal activity and supports normal fertility and reproduction

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Babystart Fertilcare Female Fertility Supplement 30

Nutritional support for when trying for a baby

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Babystart Fertilman Male Fertility Supplement 30

Nutritional support for male reproductive health

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Clearblue Trying for a Baby Kit Advanced Digital Ovulation Test & Pregnancy Test (10+1)

Identify 4 or more fertile days per cycle

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