Why use our new app? Manage My Meds NOW Available

Why use our new app? Manage My Meds NOW Available

Below is just a few of the many benefits available to our patients when they register for our NEW app for repeat prescription ordering. 

  • View your repeat prescriptions and order them directly to your pharmacy.
    • When you order your prescription through the app, the request will drop directly into the GPs workload, meaning it doesn't need to be processed by a receptionist. This can speed up the process and gets your prescription to your quicker!
  • Track your order and stay in control
    • Our app allows you to stay in control of your medicine at every stage. Use the tracker to monitor what part of the process the prescription is at and see when it has been approved by your GP. If it has been rejected for any reason, you will also get a notification so that you are able to follow it up straight away!
  • Stay up-to-date 
    • Get notified anytime your prescription is ready for collection!
  • Never forget to take your medicine
    • If you sometimes find you forget to take your medicine, use the daily reminders within the app to give yourself a gentle nudge!

Finally, connect with your GP and pharmacy.. 

Our app will allow you to message your GP or pharmacy directly, book appointments and even see your medical history. So what are you waiting for? 

Sign up today here