Urinary Tract Infections Self-care advice

Urinary Tract Infections – Self-care advice

Half of women suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection will be free from symptoms within 3 days even without treatment.

  1. Drink plenty of fluid – around 3 litres per day
  2. Avoid caffeine containing and alcoholic drinks
  3. Avoid any fragranced products as this can cause further discomfort
  4. Empty the bladder fully when urinating
  5. Ensure good personal hygiene as this will speed up the recovery period
  6. Use paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain or discomfort
  7. There is no evidence that cranberry products will improve symptoms

To prevent any recurrence of a UTI, the following measures can help

  1. Maintain an adequate fluid intake
  2. Ensure the bladder is fully emptied
  3. Empty the bladder after sexual intercourse
  4. Ensure good personal hygiene is maintained