Share Life, Give Blood

Share Life, Give Blood

Millions of lives are saved annually through blood donation, helping maintain the health and improve recovery for patients with illness, injury, childbirth problems or undergoing complex operations. Large quantities of blood stocks are also essential in natural and man-made disasters.

Many countries across the world still have a shortage of donors which is why World Blood Donor Day is vital in raising awareness for blood donation and increasing the supply available to save as many lives as possible.

Currently, the NHS are particularly in need of:

  • Male donors – men can donate more often than women
  • Black donors – Ro blood is in desperate need and is a common type for black donors
  • O negative donors – hospitals need this blood type most regularly, as it can be given to all patients

As a new donor, although you may be eager to get donating, there may be a wait of several months until you find an appointment. This is to ensure that only the correct amount of blood is donated to prevent any waste, priority is given to the most needed blood types and as a new donor your blood group may not be known yet. Due to COVID, as a safety precaution, less chairs are now available per session to give more space between donors. 

In May 2021, following recommendations in line with the latest scientific evidence, blood donation will become more inclusive, allowing more people than ever to be eligible to donate blood based on health, travel and sexual behaviour. These new questions will be used from the 14thJune 2021.

If you want to give blood – register here