Rid yourself of symptoms with an eye compress gel mask

Rid yourself of symptoms with an eye compress gel mask.

Irritating dry eyes? Itchy, watery red eyes? Eye strain? Headaches? Blepharitis? Puffy eyes and dark circles? If you have one or all of these conditions then why have you not already got a gel eye mask! 

A gel compress eye mask offers a simple, drug-free solution to a plethora of medical conditions and beauty benefits. By containing thousands of small gel pearls, the mask will easily conform to your body even when frozen providing maximum comfort. The pearls are designed to hold their temperature for the full recommended time of 20 minutes to allow for a continuous treatment regardless of symptoms. The mask can be used overnight and as often as you like.

Hay fever

A cold compress relieves swelling and inflammation of the eyes quickly and effectively. By constricting the circulation, the cold helps calm the inflammation associated with eye allergies. Increasing the natural tear production can also help remove any allergen still present in the eyes.

Headaches and Migraines

Migraines and headaches can be a real pain and a cold washcloth on your head and eyes often helps until it slips and soaks the pillow. Due to the design using small pearls in the eye compress, you can have all the benefits of the cooling compress on the forehead and eyes, without the worry it will wet the bed.


The inflammation of the eye lids is blepharitis, which can occur as a result of a reaction to bacteria or the blocking of a gland in the eyelid. Risk factors for blepharitis can include being over the age of 50, taking certain medicines and allergies. Blepharitis tends to present as sore eyelids, with gritty, itchy or burning eyes. The eyelid may become sticky with discharge and may even cause blurred vision.

Using a warm eye compress will help to unblock the glands and remove any debris from your eyelids. 




Dry eyes

When the eye does not produce enough natural tears, your eye may feel gritty, itchy, red, blurry or sensitive to light. It may also feel like there is something in your eye. This can be the result of contact lens use, certain medicines, hormonal changes and ageing and can cause symptoms that can affect daily life.

Applying a warm eye compress encourages the glands in your eyelids to produce more oils and tears, relieving the symptoms of dry eye.  


A skincare product already popular amongst beauty experts and models, the gel eye mask is designed to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Stress, fatigue and lack of sleep all contribute to baggy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Hot compresses add moisture to the eye area by relaxing muscles and releasing natural oil and tears, helping to reduce the appearance of swelling. Cold compresses reduce inflammation and swelling by constricting blood vessels and are therefore recommended for rejuvenating your eyes.