Pharmacy First | Nasal Congestion – Blocked Nose

Pharmacy First | Nasal Congestion – Blocked Nose

What Should I Do for a Blocked Nose?

Nasal congestion is commonly associated with both seasonal allergies and colds. Decongestants should only be used for a maximum of 7 days as they can increase the risk of causing rebound congestion after withdrawal if you used for longer than this. Saline nasal drops can be handy for infants who are having difficulty feeding as they help thin and then clear nasal secretions, these should be used immediately before feeding.

Why Visit the Pharmacy First?

By knowing when it is appropriate to visit your local pharmacy first, you can ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate level of care by a suitable healthcare professional at the right time. By choosing to visit the pharmacist first, you will get the clinical advice and support you need on the same day and only be signposted to your GP if needed.

A pharmacist will refer the following patients to their GP but if you fall under any of the below patient groups, it may still be worth contacting your pharmacist first to get help and advice quicker while you wait for your appointment. 

  • Children under THREE months old
  • If you suffer from recurrent nose bleeds
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you suffer from heart or lung disease
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure
  • If you have a persistent fever or a productive cough

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