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Pharmacy First – Athletes Foot

This article has been written and medically approved by Pharmacist Conor McSorley GPhC Reg No. 2223070

What Should I Do for Athletes Foot?

Athletes foot usually begins with red, itchy broken skin which later turns white and leaves soreness between the toes. It always involves the space between the toes but can spread up to the sole and upper foot.

If you are suffering from the above but don’t wish to try medical treatment you should do the following:

  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly, particularly between the toes (especially before applying any cream or powder)
  • Use dusting powders in your shoes and socks as a preventative
  • Choose footwear which keeps the feet cool and dry, changing to a different pair of shoes every 2-3 days
  • Wear cotton socks
  • Do not share towels and wash them frequently
  • Avoid scratching the affected skin as this may spread the infection
  • Avoid going barefoot in public places

Why Visit the Pharmacy First?

By knowing when it is appropriate to visit your local pharmacy first, you can ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate level of care by a suitable healthcare professional at the right time. By choosing to visit the pharmacist first, you will get the clinical advice and support you need on the same day and only be signposted to your GP if needed.

A pharmacist will refer the following patients to their GP but if you fall under any of the below patient groups, it may still be worth contacting your pharmacist first to get help and advice quicker while you wait for your appointment.

  • Patients under one year of age
  • If there have been no symptoms between the interdigital space
  • Toenails that have become black or discoloured
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Diabetic Patients
  • Any patient suffering with severe athletes’ foot or if a secondary infection has occurred.
  • Patients suffering from the symptoms for over 2 weeks

All information is correct at the time of writing.