Hepatitis Can't Wait | World Hepatitis Day 2021

Hepatitis Can’t Wait | World Hepatitis Day 2021 

On the 28thJuly, World Hepatitis Alliance are raising awareness of viral hepatitis. Their aim is to unite the global community and demand action to prioritise the elimination of viral hepatitis. World Hepatitis Day is a World Health Organisation mandated public health day to raise awareness for hepatitis. Hepatitis claims a life every 30 seconds and more than 325 million people living with hepatitis, yet we can eliminate it by 2030. Hep can’t wait highlights the need to accelerate the effort of eliminating hepatitis and now is the time, especially with the world currently in a pandemic.

People living with viral hepatitis unaware can’t wait for testing

People living with hepatitis can’t wait for life saving treatments

Pregnant mothers can’t wait for hepatitis screening and treatment

New-born babies can’t wait for birth dose vaccination

People affected by hepatitis can’t wait to end stigma and discrimination

Community organisations can’t wait for greater investment

Decision makers can’t wait and must act now to make hepatitis elimination a reality