Hay Fever or Cold? How do I know?

Hay Fever or Cold? How do I know?

The symptoms of hay fever can often feel like you are suffering with a cold, but there are a few ways to distinguish them to make sure you take the medication your body needs.


 Signs and Symptoms




Common Cold

·      Runny nose with a thick discharge

·      Body aches

·      Low-grade fever

Typically,    1 – 3 days after exposure 

3-7 days

·      Day & Night Nurse (Link)

·      Paracetamol

·      Vaporub (Link)

Hay Fever

·      Runny nose with a watery discharge

·      Itchy eyes or nose

·      Loss of smell

·      No fever

·      Headache

Immediately after exposure to allergens

Symptoms will persist so long as you are exposed to allergens

·      Cetirizine

·      Eye Drops

·      Becodefence