Getting the most out of hair dryer attachements

Hair Dryer Attachments

Styling your hair is certainly made easier when using the correct attachments to get the elegance you desire. Without any attachments, the airflow is less accurate, and your hair may even overheat if you need to hold the dryer too close.

Naturally straight hair

No nozzle required! For naturally straight hair, you don’t necessarily need to use a nozzle, which will allow the hair to remain smooth whilst encouraging texture and body.

Curly hair

A small nozzle or diffuser. Using a small nozzle defines waves and curls while reducing frizz. This works best for thick or naturally frizzy hair. Using a diffuser on a slow setting will ensure long-lasting curls.

Fine hair

High pressure but controlled airflow. As fine hair does not take as long to blow dry, you put your hair at extra risk of heat damage. Using a high pressure, controlled airflow dries the hair quicker and reduces frizz, as well as unnecessary risk to your hair.