Essential Nutrients for your Hair

Essential Nutrients for Healthy Hair

A healthy diet is key for looking and feeling great and making sure your body is getting all the required nutrients is particularly important for your hair. Without them, hair growth will be reduced and you will be at more risk of breakage and dryness, but exactly what do you need. 


Keratin are hardened proteins which make up the basic hair structure. When the body has a low amount of protein the production of keratin reduces causing hair to grow slower and weaker. Lean meats such as chicken or turkey, and fish such as tuna or halibut are great high protein foods to include in your diet. If you don’t eat meat low-fat mozzarella or cottage cheeses are also good options to consider.


Biotin has been found to promote hair growth by interacting with the cell enzymes which produce amino acids. Too little biotin can lead to hair loss. Carrots, almonds or cauliflower all contain good quantities of biotin however, if you don’t feel you are getting enough through your diet you can always try a supplement under our vitamin section 


Hair needs oxygen to grow and stay healthy, which it gets from iron in your red blood cells. Iron-rich foods help prevent slow or halted hair growth as well as shredding. Eggs, tuna, spinach or tofu all provide good levels of iron.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Natural oils around your scalp and hair help keep it well hydrated. Getting enough of these fatty acids help prevent your scalp from drying out and even result in more a shine in your hair. Wild salmon or a food supplement can help improve your hair condition.