Dry Eye Treatment Options

Dry Eye Treatment Guide 

You may have dry eyes if your eyes are:

  • itchy or feel gritty
  • sore or red
  • blurry
  • sensitive to light
  • more watery than normal 

Tears Naturale Eye Drops - £3.40 

Our eyes are lubricated naturally by our body, but some people produce less or abnormal amounts of tears due medication, health conditions or even the weather. Tears Naturale is specifically formulated to act as synthetic tears to help soothe your eyes when you need it, relieving the discomfort of dry eyes.

Tears Naturale (Hypromellose, dextran 70) eye drops 15ml
Optrex Night Restore (Sodium Hyaluronate) 0.4% gel drops 10ml

Optrex Night Restore Eye Drops - £9.99

Our eyes are constantly exposed to triggers such as computer screens, air conditioning, contact lenses, heating or medications. Eyes can feel progressively worse over the day and at the end of the day they feel dry, irritated and tired. Sleeping provides the perfect opportunity to restore some moisture to the eyes.

Optrex Night Restore gel drops contain sodium hyaluronate which helps lubricate and moisturise, when used at night restoring moistness to the tear film and supporting the repair of the ocular surface to protect from discomfort.

The Eye Doctor Essential - Hot & Cold Antibacterial Compress - £9.99

The Eye Doctor hot and cold eye compress featuring Sterileyes is an antibacterial shield that sits on the compress and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Helps treat dry eye disease and symptoms such as sore and gritty eyes. 

Essential - Hot & Cold Antibacterial Compress
Viscotears liquid gel (carbomer) eye drops 10g

Viscotears Liquid Gel - £4.62

Viscotears is available to make dry eyes more comfortable by lubricating the eye with artificial tears. Dry eyes can cause itching, blurred vision or sensitivity to light.