Avoiding and managing warts and verrucae

Avoiding and managing warts and verrucae

Warts are small, rough growths in the skin which can range in size from a pinprick to 1cm in diameter. Verrucae are warts that are found on the soles of the feet which often have a tiny dot in the centre.

It is hard to completely avoid coming into contact with HPV but taking the following precautions can help protect you and your children against warts and verrucae.

Avoid touching other people’s warts or verrucae

Warts and verrucae can pass easily by touch. If you know someone has one then avoid touching the area and if possible, ask them to wear a foot covering if going in a pool or walking bare foot.

Don’t share towels, socks or shoes with others

They are contagious and therefore all towels and socks should be washed thoroughly on a hot wash in a washing machine.

Wear a foot covering when walking around a pool or communal changing area

Avoid walking bare foot by wearing flip flops when in a pool area or communal changing room.

Cover your wart or verruca when swimming

Either use a waterproof plaster or a verruca sock when swimming

Leave it alone

Don’t touch, scratch or pick your wart or verruca as it is more likely to spread when the covering has been removed. If you do need to touch it then make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Change your socks daily if you have a verruca