Aromatherapy and Men's Health

November is becoming increasingly known for Movember, a month where men around the world grow moustaches to raise awareness for Men’s Health. On average, men die six years earlier than women, mainly due to preventable causes.

Aromatherapy can offer a beneficial tool which can support mental health and wellbeing, however, it is often seen as feminine and enjoyed exclusively by women. With more men seeking methods to support themselves and an increase in the willingness of men to become more vocal about their mental health and wellbeing now is the perfect time to start the discussion around the use of aromatherapy products in Men’s Health.

While research does show biologically, women have a more heightened sense of smell, linked to the maternal bonding process, both men and women differentiate smells used in perfumes as masculine and feminine, with floral scents being seen as more feminine. However, smell is so personal that all essential oils should and can be considered useful for anyone and everyone. The following scents may be deemed more feminine, however, are all helpful in supporting emotional health.


Fresh, sharp and green aroma to clear and invigorate the mind and body


Refreshing, positive and energising, a sure way to lift your mood. 


Zesty, bright and sharp with a clean aroma to invigorate the mind and senses


Eases anxiety, slows the breath and brings a sense of calm to stressful situations.